Friday, December 09, 2005

Ain't Google grand?

So I've had this account since Sept. '00, and really never done anything with it. I remember why I got it. I got it because I was gonna use it. I liked the idea, and besides, I was asked to read, and post to, a friend's Blog. I still like the idea, and we will see if this time is any better at being consistent (a thing I am not know to be very good at).

So what brought me back? Circumtances relating to the same friend, of course. More specifically, inspiration from reading the posts of my friend's husband. I miss discussing intellectual things, and hadn't thought about things this way, but I guess I can use this as a vent and mental focus lens. You see, I don't usually focus well, unless I am talking or typing, and then the outward act of voicing (typing) keeps the rest of my brain on track, at least sometimes it does. Dufflehead would be the inspirer, Ninjanun the friend...

More to come, as I try to make blogging a habitual thing...

P.S. May have been Mark that started me on this, since I just bothered to look back to the begining of Ninjanun's blog, and it wasn't nearly long enough ago... but still the inspiration remains the same... and the reason for the title? I was trying to remember something about Dufflehead, and decided to google that, ran across his blog, and was inspired to take it up.


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