Monday, April 03, 2006

Random Genuine

I have this tendancy, this asset, this weakness, this character trait, this unique point of view. I am very open, and I tend to think of strangers as friends untill they show different. I have had conversations with telemarkers, catalog order takers, and I even had my first long-term relationship result from a prank call ! I will try to explain or detail more about this, but this is going to be an entry in progress for a while since it's always late when I get to this.

Point to ponder:

What used to be called being romantic and going the extra mile is most often now called stalking. What changed?

I say a few whackos ruined it for those of us who are romantic. I wish people weren't freaked out by an interest in who they *really* are. People are one of my main passions, and I don't like it being taken the wrong way.


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